Arlene Weintraub

Arlene Weintraub

Award-winning science journalist

Arlene Weintraub is a science journalist and author with 20 years of experience writing about healthcare, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

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Open uri20130301 22198 mae2ev article

The Promise -- and Perils -- of Personalized Medicine

the ability to tailor therapies to patients' individual genetic characteristics -- has long been the holy grail of the life sciences industry. The effort has produced a string of recent successes, inc...

Stringio article

Helping Employees to Be Healthier: How About a Sweepstakes?

More and more companies are implementing wellness programs to foster healthier workforces, from smoking-cessation coaching to weight-loss plans. But to design such programs effectively, employers need...

Open uri20130301 22198 sv9tk1 article

From Fitbit to Fitocracy: The Rise of Health Care Gamification

These days, anyone with a smartphone can download a variety of games designed to make them healthier, whether that means helping them stick to an exercise routine, lose weight or manage a chronic illn...