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Arlene Weintraub

Award-winning science journalist

Arlene Weintraub is a science journalist and author with 20 years of experience writing about healthcare, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

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Retrophin, Headed by Controversial Hedge Fund Chief, Raises $4M ...

New York-based biotech company Retrophin announced this morning that it has completed a $4 million Series A round led by MSMB Capital, a life sciences hedg

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Amazon and Pfizer Fuel Ever-Growing Frenzy in the Market for Pet ...

As much as I hate clichés, I can't resist using them to describe what's been going on lately in the pet-products business. So here goes: It's raining cats


Agios and Celgene: Anatomy of an Ultra-Valuable Biotech Marriage ...

It wouldn't be much of an over-statement to say Cambridge, MA-based Agios' $150 million cancer-drug development deal with biotech giant Celgene is unpreced

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Coronado Biosciences Debuts on Nasdaq, Moves Two Lead Drugs ...

The path to becoming a publicly listed company chosen by Coronado Biosciences (NASDAQ: ]) was anything but conventional, but it seems to be working for the


Enlight Bio's Knode Advances Social Network for Pharma | Xconomy

Enlight Biosciences, a pharma industry-backed entrepreneurial venture, unveiled its newest portfolio company today, Knode. The Cambridge, MA-based startup,


Everyday Health is Out to Dominate Media via Video, Apps, and ...

When dot-com entrepreneurs Benjamin Wolin and Michael Keriakos founded Everyday Health in 2002, everyone thought they were nuts. Their idea was to take wel

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Gamification Hits Healthcare as Startups Vie for Cash and Partners ...

Would working out at the gym be easier if you earned cash every time you hopped on the treadmill? Boston-based startup GymPact is betting that millions of

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Genentech Pours $95M Into Constellation's Drug Platform | Xconomy

Cambridge, MA-based Constellation Pharmaceuticals is announcing today that it has formed a major partnership with Roche's Genentech unit, based in South Sa

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Giffen Solutions, Created by Fed-Up Doc, Connects MDs and ...

Michael Nusbaum rarely thought twice about giving his personal cell phone number to patients after he operated on them. Nusbaum is a bariatric surgeon at N

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Merck Fine-Tunes Biosimilars Strategy as FDA Guidelines Loom ...

The pharmaceutical world is abuzz over rumors that the FDA is on the verge of releasing its guidelines for how companies should develop generic versions of

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Merck Oncology Chief Heads to ASCO With High Hopes for New ...

At the annual conference of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), starting tomorrow in Chicago, drug giant Merck will be presenting no less tha

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Option to Buy: The New Face of Biotech Funding? | Xconomy

When Cambridge, MA-based Warp Drive Bio launched on January 10, the startup was as notable for its financing structure as it was for its technology---maybe

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Pet Dogs Help Biotech Startups Find New Weapons to Fight Cancer ...

A few weeks back, a black-and-white terrier mix named Chance entered a clinical trial for a drug that may offer a completely new way to combat cancer---not

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PetFlow Paws its Way to the Top of Facebook, Sniffs Out Growth ...

In February 2011, the website Business Insider quoted co-founder Alex Zhardanovsky criticizing the pioneer of the online pet-supply business---


Transparency Launches as Linux of Drug Development | Xconomy

When Tomasz Sablinski was working in pharmaceutical R&D, he was often frustrated by the demand for secrecy in the clinical trials process---a misdirect